Patients have the right to access their own medical records. To request your records from us, please do so in writing and allow 48 hours' notice.


ActivePhysio Ltd. strive to be compliant with the GDPR. If you would like to know more about how your details are used and stored, please see our privacy policy. A copy of our privacy policy is available from reception or can be viewed here.

ActivePhysio Ltd. conducts a patient survey and reflects on the outcome. Appropriate changes are considered and implemented to improve the patient experience. Continual feedback from patients is welcomed and we would ask you to please email us with any comments you would like to make.


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Your first appointment

Please wear comfortable clothes so we can examine you properly and teach you some therapeutic exercises. As part of the examination, we may ask you to remove some of your clothes. If you don't feel comfortable doing so, that's absolutely fine, but please bring shorts and a T-shirt or vest to change into instead.

Services Available

Please feel free to bring a chaperone to your appointments. This is a legal requirement with patients under 16 years of age.

Should you require an interpreter, please bring with you someone with whom you can communicate and is fluent in English. Bear in mind that this person may be given access to sensitive personal information during your appointment.

What Will Happen

It would be helpful if you could arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment to allow yourself time to fill in a couple of forms with your contact details and any relevant medical history.  You will also be asked to sign a consent form to allow the physiotherapist to assess and treat your condition.  You can refuse physiotherapy at any time.


During your initial appointment, the physiotherapist will take a detailed history and provide a full examination in order to gain a good understanding of the source of your discomfort.  They may ask you to perform some movements and exercises to assess your level of mobility.  You may be asked to remove some of your clothing if it is covering the area of your body causing you pain. 


Your physiotherapist will then formulate a treatment plan for you, which may involve massage, manual manipulation of joints, therapeutic ultrasound, and a number of exercises and stretches for you to perform at home.  Any hazards related to your clinical care will be discussed with you.


Further appointments will begin by assessing any changes to your condition.  Your treatment plan will then be adjusted if necessary and your physiotherapy treatment will continue.  The number of sessions you need is determined by the individual, and the physiotherapist will work with you to plan your discharge.

We have no on-site car parking, but just along from the clinic approximately 200m there is a free public car park.


We offer a discounted rate* for members of the East Leake RFC, East Leake Leisure Centre, The Rushcliffe Golf Club, and Thistle Netball Club.  If you would like members of your sports club or team to receive a discount on physiotherapy treatment, please email us.


Additionally, we offer a discounted rate* for those with a valid Defence Privilege Card and those with a Blue Light Card.


*Discounts are for physiotherapy only and a valid membership card must be shown at the time of treatment. Only one discount may be applied per treatment.

Unless your treatment is being funded by a private medical insurance company, then payment will be requested after each treatment session. We accept all major debit and credit cards, cash or cheque.

Payment Methods

Should you have a complaint, we would like to hear from you straight away so that we may offer you a satisfactory explaination. Your complaint will be dealt with according to our Complaints Procedure (copies held at reception).

Your Privacy


ActivePhysio Ltd. comes into contact with children and vulnerable sdults through a number of activities. We believe that every indiviual has a right to be safe. To aassist us in doing this, we have a safeguarding policy in place which can be accessed here. This policy establishes a framework to support staff in their work and clarifies the Practice's expectations.


ActivePhysio Ltd. has a zero tolerance policy and retains the right to remove from the practice list any patient who consistently abuses the staff.